Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Absalom MrWatson

This bright orange and spunky little kitten is Absalom! How could you not want to take him home!

Mr. Watson:
Just look at those gorgeous green eyes! It’s elementary that three-year-old Mr. Watson would make a wonderful addition to your family!

Peaches Vader

Peaches this small and sweet as she can be five-year-old domestic shorthair is longing for her forever home!

It’s October! Wouldn’t bringing home this awesome ten-year-old boy named Vader be the best Halloween treat? We’re sure he’d think so!

If you are interested in helping the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, consider becoming a volunteer. For more information, call Dannielle Fasen at 307 - 632 - 6655 at ext  27.
Visit the Cheyenne Animal Shelter's website at

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