Cheyenne Animal Shelter



Oreo Cookie:
Charming, adventurous, playful, and cuddly sums up sweet boy Oreo Cookie! He’s a five-year-old, large, fully grown mixed breed who, with a little love and training, would be as polite as he is sweet!

King Tut:
Meet King Tut! This gorgeous big guy is one-year-old Anatolian Shepherd Mix. This breed is typically all business, serious dignified, calm and quiet and would do best with a kind assertive leader that can instill respect.


This little handsome guy is Bert! At six-years-old this Chihuahua, Short Coat Mix has a heart of gold and getting to go home with you and lover you forever would be the greatest gift he could ask for.

Pick me! Handsome is a one-year-old black retriever/lab mix just waiting for his forever family!

If you are interested in helping the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, consider becoming a volunteer. For more information, call Dannielle Fasen at 307 - 632 - 6655 at ext  27.
Visit the Cheyenne Animal Shelter's website at

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