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An enterprising farm boy converted his parents' country place into a tourist attraction by stocking it with African lions.

He was so successful that he had to control traffic on the dirt road leading to it by putting up a sign that read "Please Wait Your Turn. The Lion Farm's to the Right."

(John S. Crosbie)

Bonus Joke:

A group of interfaith religious leaders were getting a tour around the Jerusalem Zoo by its administrator, Shmuel Shapiro.

Shmuel showed them one cage where a lion was lying together with a young lamb. The head of the delegation was amazed.

"For 2000 years, we've prayed for signs of the messianic era and the prophesy that the lion will lie down next to the lamb. How did you do it?"

“It was quite easy,” Shmuel replied, "All it needs is a new lamb a day!"

Extra Bonus Joke:

Two cadets at the Air Force Academy were bragging in their off time about what good hunters they were. They decided to have a contest and whoever won would be declared the better hunter.

To make the contest more interesting, each put up a pint of the best whiskey to go to the winner.

There was a rumor that a lion had escaped from the local zoo and was roaming around loose in the desert that surrounded the academy. The contest was that whoever bagged the lion and brought it back to the base was the winner.

The first cadet borrowed a large hunting rifle and set about hunting down the lion in the conventional manner

The second cadet, who was perhaps a bit more inventive, secured a training jet from the local commander, loaded the wing guns with live ammunition and headed out over the desert in search of the lion.

It wasn't long before the second cadet spotted the lion from the airplane and from the safety of the cockpit, shot the lion.

He landed the plane on the desert floor, loaded the lion's body into the copilot's seat and headed back to the base.

He declared himself the winner and promptly downed both bottles of whiskey.

Moral: A strafed lion is the shortest distance between two pints.

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