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A man walks up the counter and says, "I'll have two pounds of Tofu."

The clerk at the counter replies, "Oh, you must be from California."

The man responds, "How stereotypical! If I had ordered cannoli beans would you think I was Italian?"

"No," answers the man at the counter. "And besides, cannoli beans are more Sicilian than inland Italian."

"If I had ordered Wiener schnitzel would you have thought I was German?" he asks.

"No," says the clerk behind the counter, "and besides, Wiener Schnitzel are from Wien, Vienna, the capital of Austria."

"Then why," the man asks, "would you think I was from California, just because I want two pounds of tofu???"

The clerk looks up from the counter and answers, "Because you're asking for it in a HARDWARE store -- Not a FOOD store!"

Bonus Joke:

A well-dressed man approached a woman at a health food store and in a clipped British accent asked her exactly what she did with the tofu in her basket.

She stated, "I normally put it in the refrigerator, look at it several weeks and then throw it away."

The man replied, "That's exactly what my wife does with it. I was hoping you had a better use for it."

Extra Bonus Joke:

In South America, curare is not expensive but deer meat is.

Since the natives can no longer rely on their own resources for obtaining the latter, they have to purchase it from professional hunters', often trading curare for venison. T

his has given rise locally to the expression, "An ounce of pro venison is worth a pound of curare."

(John Fenn)

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